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AngaFIT Yoga®

Anga translated from the Indian Sanskrit language means “limbs and body”. Yogata, from the Sanskrit root word yogyata means “Fitness”. Hence the name of our studios, “AngaFit”®

AngaYogata™ is a class that is a vigorous, energetic fitness-based training process that is rooted in a 5000 year-old yogic warrior practice.

AngaYogata™ is for all body types no matter the fitness level. The only requirement is dedication, consistency and the desire to achieve a total body transformation. AngaYogata™ follows a sequence of processes that incorporate calisthenics into a physical yoga practice.

AngaYogata™ training emphasizes muscle strength, increased flexibility, improved balance, core strength, cardiovascular endurance and mental toughness all in one practice.