FAQ Section

Sign up for our introduction course. It comes with 3 forty-minute private lessons and 3 twenty-minute consultations. You will have your own private lesson room where you can learn at your own pace. You will learn about what we teach and what classes you can handle at this stage of your training. The introduction course has been discounted to make it easy to experience yoga and help you make an informed decision about continuing.

The first consultation is about you. People come to yoga for many different reasons, including fitness, pain relief and stress relief.  We want to know why you are here.  This will tell us what postures we need to teach you to start. In the next two consultations we tell you about our 7 different group classes. By the end of the 3 privates, we will know which classes you can handle at this stage of your training and which to avoid for now.

Just wear loose comfortable clothing or stretchy yoga pants. We provide mats, towels and water. They are all free with your introduction course.

Yes. Mats rent for $3.00 and towels $2.00. Bottled water is $2.00

Yes. We have a change room and cubby holes and lockers for storage. It is best to leave all your valuables in your car.

There is ample street parking and a parking garage behind the studio.

Your introduction course privates and group classes are by appointment. Later, as a member, you will have reserved standing appointments for both privates and group classes. Your group classspot is reserved week-to-week unless you cancel them. This prevents class over-crowding and the hassle of finding a class with an opening.

Yes, with a 24-hour notice for privates and 6-hour notice for classes. Just go to our mobile app or email/text us. A phone call works too.

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early. If you are not here by class time, a standby student can take your spot.

Only if your spot has not been taken by a standby student. Latecomers need to wait untilafter the opening rituals to enter class. Then do so respectfully and quietly. An Intern will guide you to an available spot.

Yes, we have child care while you are in class. Childcare is available only at certain times on certain days – please see our schedule.

Doing a little everyday is optimal but realistically you should come in 2-3 times per week for training. Yoga should not be a now and again luxury but a regular activity. At least come by for a class or a 40-minute private to maintain consistency and momentum. You are on a journey to transform your body and mind, so consistency is key.

Privates can be 40, 55 or 85 minutes long. The choice is yours.

Same as privates, 40, 55 or 85 minutes.

Private lessons are needed due to the sheer volume of material being taught. We have over 2000 postures to teach. We use the PraHata Method™ of teaching whereby you learn new material every time you visit us. Private lessons promote a better understanding and a superior result compared to group classes alone. Your PraHata Method™ yoga training program is custom built specifically for you and is best applied one-on-one. Expect dramatic results in a reasonably short period of time depending upon your consistency.

No, just the ones you need to fulfill your goals. Sadhguru has identified 84 postures as being the most beneficial and 36 postures that are essential. That’s where we will start. Every person’s body is different with its imperfections and limitations. The PraHata Method™ of teaching allows us to modify and use different postures to achieve our student’s goals of fitness, good health & emotional wellbeing.

No, PraHata™ is not a style. In Sanskrit “prahata” means “learning”. PraHata Method™ is a “learning method”. It involves a method of teaching and a record system of tracking everything a student is taught and how well they know and perform a particular posture or sequence. This method of teaching allows a student to move ahead quickly and steadily without forgetting anything.

Our primary style is Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is considered the original pure classical yoga that was created by Shiva, the AdiYogi (first yogi) over 5,000 years ago. It started with his creation of yoga postures (asanas) aligned with breath (pranayama) including certain meditative practices. Hatha Yoga is considered the root of all yoga systems taught today.

Being stiff is the perfect reason to take yoga. Your private teacher will guide you through certain postures with the proper alignment that will stretch you inch-by-inch towards flexibility. Patience and practice (the two “Ps”) is the formula to flexibility.

No need. That’s why we start you out privately. You will have your own teacher one-on-one who will carefully guide you through the beginner postures to avoid injury.  You might be a little sore but that’s only natural.

Absolutely. Not only can you lose weight but you can build long, lean muscles. There is also a mental transformation that takes place as you feel lighter on your feet with more energy. You begin to exert confidence and radiate happiness. Read the information on this website regarding AngaFIT® (Angamardana) to learn about the benefits of this phenomenal group class.

Congratulations for being so physically active. Yoga is a science and a therapeutic system that prevents injuries, helps heal injuries, focuses the mind and marginalizes mental stress. Many professional athletes who are in peak condition practice yoga to improve their game. AngaFIT® is the fitness side of yoga. It is a very powerful 31-move process that you can learn and use independent of the yoga studio. All you need is 25 minutes of time and a six-by-six space to stay in peak condition.

It is true that yoga women outnumber yoga men 4 to 1nationwide except in trendsetting California where the ratio closer to 2 to 1. Men need yoga more than ever, not only for the physical challenge but for job-related stress relief and increased mental clarity. “It’s okay guys – come to yoga. Don’t let these physically strong, emotionally balanced ladies intimidate you!”

It is true that Upa Yoga and some of the meditative exercises are slow and gentle by design. But, Surya Namaskar, Surya Kriya and Vinyasa are faster and more challenging. Then there is the dynamic AngaFIT®(Angamardana). AngaFIT® will present you with an exciting calisthenics infused yoga class that you will swear is insane and impossible to survive. Professional athletes can fall to the wayside in this class–“good luck with this workout”.

Yoga is not a religion. Yoga predates religion by many thousands of years. Some religions adapted yoga for its fitness and meditative qualities. Many eastern religions and monks also adopted martial arts for protection from highway men, but that did not make martial arts a religion.

Yoga is a mind/body science, a physiological technology of the human body established thousands of years before the establishment of organized religion. According to Sadhguru, yoga traces back 15,000 years to the first yogi, AdiYogi, also known as Shiva.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle to do yoga. Over time you may find yourself naturally drawn to a healthier way of living life – but it’s your choice. Do whatever feels comfortable. Besides, hugging a tree and eating a salad once in a while is not so bad.

With one-on-one private lessons, we actually teach you the postures step-by-step. You get it right the first time. You will understand what alignment you are trying to achieve and how to properly breathe when performing the posture. Your learning curve is very high. Typically in a yoga class (not ours) it is a “monkey see – monkey do” situation. You go to class and follow along copying the mistakes of the person next to you. The learning curve is rather low. With them, plan on graduating to Level 2 in a year or two, if ever.

With AngaFit Yoga, using the PraHata Method™ of private lesson teaching, you should reach Level 2 in about six months.

No. Everyone in the class also takes private lessons so they are familiar with the material. With a teacher and two interns running the class; the class moves along at a good pace. If you struggle on a particular move, one of the interns will quietly assist you.

Interns are RYT200 teachers from other yoga styles that have not yet completed the intricacies of the PraHata Method™ of teaching private lessons or the Isha System of group class training. They get free Teachers Training classes and Teacher Mentoring in exchange for their help.

No. There is a health hazard attached to hot yoga. Researchers found that the body’s internal temperature can reach 103 degrees when exercising in a 100+ degree temperature. Your internal temperature is only a couple degrees from serious injury or death. There is nothing healthy about gasping for air, getting dizzy or passing out. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Yes. You are more flexible in the heat as you are less flexible in the snow. True flexibility however, is flexibility in normal room temperature with no warm up. Just bend down and touch your toes or lift your leg above your head – this is true flexibility. We will take you there.

Not really. Sweating does very little to detoxify. Drinking water and going to the bathroom is the best solution. Sweating does help lubricate the skin though. Sweat with us. It’s healthier and more comfortable.

The second best way to detoxify is through the lungs. That’s why a drunk and a smoker’s breath smells so bad – their body is trying to detoxify.We use Pranayama (breathing exercises) in a Salt Room (coming soon) to detoxify. Salty air helps kill infections and bacteria and reduces inflammation in the lungs. So drink a bottle of water and join us in the Salt Room for Pranayama class – “Now that’s detoxifying!”