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AngaFit Yoga® is owned by 1 on 1 Yoga Franchise, Inc., a Florida corporation established in 2013. The 1 on 1 Yoga concept is teaching private yoga lessons and extremely small group classes so that students experience dramatic results in a short period of time.

AngaFit Yoga® uses a systematic system of teaching that focuses on fast track learning towards targeted individual goals. This method of teaching is referred to in the East Indian Sanskrit language as “Prahata” i.e. the PraHata Method™ which is translated as the Learning Method. The PraHata Method™ organizes and records every detail of a Yoga Posture or Yoga Sequence. Its system of teaching, reviewing and correcting commits the posture, alignment and proper breath to memory not to be forgotten.

It also tracks posture alignment and breath control. Some students are more flexible than others so it is not the perfect performance of the posture that is important but the student’s understanding exactly what they are trying to do with the goal of improving over time.

The PraHata Method™ moves the student through the yoga curriculum at more than twice the pace as western yoga studio class lessons. Comparing dollars & time expended vs. results, the PraHata Method is the most cost effective method of learning and advancing in yoga.

The PraHata Method has several processes. One process might address back pain backed by a published book with doctor’s explanations. Another process may address stress and anxiety. Yet another may address physical fitness. Our fitness class in Sanskrit, is called Angamardana. In English, it’s referred to as AngaFIT®. The PraHata Method™ records your progress in every process that you do including AngaFIT®.


Classical Hata (Hatha) Yoga was taught 1 on 1 in ancient times; just teacher and student. Group classes with all the new invented styles of Fusion, Glow, Goat and Flow etc. is a Western thing. Most focus on fun and not results.

AngaFit Yoga goes back in time 5,000 years when yoga was truly pure without outside influences.The science of Yoga in its original form was designed by Shiva, the AdiYogi (first yogi) and taught 1 on 1 by the original seven guru masters of the time. This yoga training is far more interesting and effective physically (energizing) and spiritually (emotionally).

AngaFit Yoga’s® connection to the ancient science of Classical Hatha Yoga comes from Sadhguru, an enlightened Indian Yogi,master teacher, visionary, philanthropist and author of over 400 books. Sadhguru presents his followers with a time-tested path to achieving absolute well-being through his Classical Hatha Yoga processes. AngaFit Yoga is Pure Classical Hatha Yoga, as taught by the ancients.

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