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The more popularity yoga is attaining nowadays, the more myths and misconceptions are circulating about it. In order to create awareness, it is important that one has the right knowledge and is wise enough to tell a rumor apart from the truth.

  • Myth #1: It is only for the flexible bodies.

There are some poses in yoga which require the bodies to bend at precariously odd angles. For the onlookers, especially the ones who are not flexible enough, it looks like a deal breaker. This misconception is wrong. Yoga brings flexibility, and it is with practice only that you would be able to try out the different poses with utter ease. One doesn’t have to be flexible right from the very beginning in order to start.

  • Myth #2: Yoga is only for the thin.

How many times have we given up on the thought just because we are overweight and think that we are incapable of taking part in a yoga class? This is wrong. Yoga is like a workout, and once you start, you will end up with a thin and lean figure too. The best thing about yoga is that depending on your intentions it can help you gain or lose weight.

  • Myth #3: Yoga is for women only.

Well, this may come as a surprise but no. Some of the most experienced yoga instructors are men, and they are good at what they do. Yoga is a form of workout which can help us attain mental peace and better bodies eventually. It can be for anyone who wishes to have a healthy body regardless of the gender they belong to.

  • Myth #4: Yoga is totally risk-free.

This myth is as wrong as it is dangerous.  It is risk free and safe only if it is done under the certified instructors and the right way. Wrong moves and postures where can cause an injury can also be a cause of stroke or nerve damage in serious cases. When doing yoga, it is crucial to pay close attention to posture, hydration level, and your personal stamina.

For more details on yoga and how it can positively impact the quality of your life, log in to our website today. We will give all the knowledge and information you need about yoga to live a healthy and long life.

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